Caribbean Cartel 3D

Title: Caribbean Carlel 3D
Status: Shooting, 1st Quarter 2014
Genre: Action

A popular seaside town finds itself faced with a new type of dark crime. Dozens of young women are disappearing without a trace.

When one of the missing girls turns up in Dubai as victim to a human trafficking ring, Interpol is asked to step in as more and more girls continue to disappear from the tropical paradise. Five tough and beautiful female agents are sent to the tropical beach resort to operate undercover in hopes of tracking down the source of the kidnappings.

Stepping into harm’s way, and making easy targets of themselves, one of the agents is eventually kidnapped by a lieutenant of a local drug lord. Using a hidden GPS tracker, the other four are able to rescue their partner and apprehend the thug that abducted her. On the cusp of bringing the whole conspiracy crashing down, they are frustrated to find the kidnapper stonewalling, unwilling to implicate his boss.

The agents confront the drug lord himself, but their attempt at intimidation only infuriates the man. The exchange is heated, with the Interpol agents promising to bring him to justice and he threatening the agents in return.

That evening, all hell breaks loose. The police chief and a local businessman who had been aiding the agents are killed, the villain’s loyal lieutenant is executed in his prison cell and the agents are attacked at their hotel by a group of gunmen. Through a small stroke of luck, they are given a heads up on the attack and are able to repel the assassins, though one of the agents is kidnapped and a second is killed.

Bent on getting back their missing friend and exacting revenge, the remaining agents abandon the law and stage a raid on the drug lord's estate. Recruiting a number of mercenaries, the agents and their hired guns arm themselves for war and make a move. The assault rages through the night, eventually prevailing in favor of the agents but, tragically, they end up being too late to save their kidnapped friend.

While picking up the pieces and putting the case to bed, new evidence surfaces and another local criminal comes to the agents' attention, suggesting this new threat may have been the one behind the kidnappings and killings all along. Digging deeper, these new suspicions are confirmed and they learn this rival drug lord brilliantly manipulated them, deflecting blame on his rival in hopes of getting the agents to eliminate his competition.

As this new reality sets in, the agents realize there's one more war they have to fight to truly end it all.