The Casino Job

Title: CasinoJob
Status: Now Available
Genre: Action / Caper
Run Time: 83 minutes
Starring: Featuring Playboy Playmate Irina Voronina of Balls of Fury, Fast Glass, Epic Movie, and Jay Anthony Franke, star of "California Dreams"

Barry Kaylin is living the dream. Not yet 40, he owns four Las Vegas casinos and lives the life of the bachelor to the fullest. One night, while meeting with two potential business associates, he hires five local dancers to flirt and lounge around his mansion and lagoon pool. Late in the evening, with too much cocaine in his system, Barry corners the youngest of the girls, Jennifer, and forces himself on her.

The next day, when the police confront Barry, he contends the sex was consensual. With no additional evidence, Barry's power in the business community, and Jennifer's questionable reputation, the local prosecutor is unwilling to press charges.

Unwilling to let justice go unserved, Jennifer and her four friends discuss some form of retribution. Quickly dismissing having Barry hurt or killed, the girls instead come up with a plan to go after the crown jewel in his casino empire, the Crystal Sky Casino.

Using their wiles to recruit two male employees, they begin weaving an elaborate scheme to rob the casino and possibly put Barry out of business in the process. In the days leading up to the scam, all the players are making the final preparations for the complex robbery.

Little does the team know that one of their members is playing an angle none of them had even considered. By the time the secret agenda reveals itself, lives are already hanging in the balance and a hit man is preparing to make his move.