Title: Koreatown
Status: Now Available
Genre: Action
Run Time: 90 minutes

Starring: Joe Estevez, Tim Lovelace, Daz Crawford, Maegan Stewart

How far would you go to save the daughter you never met? After serving 15 years in prison, "Cowboy" (Tim Lovelace, Mosquito) returns to underground Los Angeles in search of estranged daughter Kimberly (Meagan Stewart) in this gripping tale of corruption and betrayal. Upon learning that he suffers from terminal cancer, he must fight for his family's salvation before it's too late. Cowboy enlists the help of a longtime friend and LAPD detective (David E. Baker, Straight Out of Compton) in a mission that leads them to Koreatown, where they must face a network of dangerous criminals led by drug lord Joachim (Daz Crawford, Blade 2).

Joachim, with the help of femme fatale Lolly (Karin Kim), has raised Kimberly as his own, forcing her into his sleazy world of drugs and prostitution. As Cowboy digs deeper, he discovers that Koreatown's most powerful villain might have more to do with his own brutal past and will stop at nothing to find the truth before it's too late. In this action-packed thrill ride of murder and honor, two men will fight the battle of their lives - with only one left standing.