Miami Snow

Title: Miami Snow - View Movie
Status: Now Available
Genre: Crime / Action
Run Time: 112 minutes

Starring: Rey Hernandez (Bad Boys II, Miami Vice) and Mayra Veronica (international model, FHM and Maxim cover girl)

In the tradition of Scarface and Blow, Miami Snow delves into the lucrative, fast-paced and violent world of criminals bent of building empires out of cocaine. Miami Snow lights up the screen with three intersecting tales set in Florida's drug scene; all of them on the crash course toward one another and the 500 kilos of coke up for grabs. With millions of dollars at stake, these men and women will stop at nothing to get their hands on the powder and the power that comes with it. When the victor prevails, only a trail of bodies is left behind...and a new King controls Miami.