alien showdown screener

Title: Alien Showdown
Status: Now Available
Genre: Action, Adventure, Horror
Run Time: 80 minutes

Starring: Robert Amstler, Nadia Lanfranconi, John J. Welsh and Gemma Donato

The year is 1854.

A quiet gunslinger rolls into town on a mission for the church, but local outlaws have other plans. Intent on killing the stranger, a game of cat and mouse spills over in the nearby woods where an even greater danger awaits them.

During the gunfight, an alien spaceship crashes, releasing a combat-ready alien scout. The creature, tasked with preparing for an invading force, is suddenly faced with battling the locals in order to complete his mission. The cowboys have numbers on their side, but their Old West iron is no match for the alien's advanced weaponry.

They're picked off one by one until only the stranger and the alien are left standing – and only one is getting out alive!