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Thank you for considering Robin Hood Films as your domestic and/or international distributor.

As filmmakers first, we expanded into distribution because of the industry "norm" of artists in our field being treated unfairly. Having experienced this first-hand and hearing endless stories of other filmmakers going through the same, daunting process, we realized there was a void in this business that needed to be filled.

Since the filmmakers put in the most time and energy and take the greatest risk (financial and emotional), it's hard to understand why most distributors feel it's reasonable to take the lion's share of the monies a film makes. In fact, in far too many cases, the filmmakers never see a penny despite respectable revenues their films generate. In far too many deals, distributors will tack on any number of expenses, many completely unreasonable, that they call "office fees," marketing fees," "distribution fees," "hold backs," etc. that can amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Some of these fees are understandable (and necessary) in moderation as there has to be something in it for the distributor as well...but it seems most distributors don't want "something" but "everything” a film makes.

It seems that in most of the deals being cut by indy producers, there is virtually no chance for the filmmaker to see any money, let alone break even or turn a profit. There has to be a better way.

With that in mind, we're looking for filmmakers with marketable product who want a team to handle their film in an honest and straightforward fashion. We'll be attending the American Film Market again this year and are interested in finding a handful of additional titles to promote and sell at the show to buyers from around the world.



To submit by mail, please send a screener to:

Robin Hood Films
attn: submissions
2657 Windmill Parkway Suite #386
Henderson , NV 89074



If your film is available to view online* please send us a link to:



*We highly recommend that you not make your film available in any fashion unless you've decided to self-distribute. An online screener should only be available to restricted viewers (distributors, investors, etc.) and have password protection. Even if the only place your film can be found is DVDs you're selling on , the project seems “old” and/or “unsellable” if the filmmaker is taking on this task himself.