Alien showdown

Featuring Robert Amstler, Nadia Lanfranconi,
John J. Welsh
and Gemma Donato

Dirty Dealing 3d

Featuring Michael Madsen (Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill) and C. Thomas Howell (E.T, Soul Man, The Hitcher)

bombshell bloodbath

Featuring Alex Elliott, Ed Ricker, Samantha Mills, Kathy Butler Sandvoss, Jeff Briggs, Hess Barbour

Hunting games

Featuring David Stevens, Darren Dalton, Paul Shaw, Crystal Largen, Juan-Carolos Guzman, Jacques Shy and Lamyra Kinzer

101 zombies

Festival Award Winning Zombie movie. Featuring Teaque Quillen, Travis Moody, Brandon Jenkins

Hatchet county

Featuring R. Keith Harris, Paul Shaw, Jess Barbour,
Matthew B. Moore,
Christy Johnson

the Blackridge massacre

Featuring Marc-Henry Lazarre, Nori Tecosky, Andrew Kamen, Alan McKee, Lisa Savage, Brandon Lavoie


Featuring Danny Trejo (Machete, Heat), Steven Bauer (Scarface) and Alvaro Orlando (The Pickup Artist)

Antisocial behavior

Featuring Jackson Keuhn (Made in China), Mary Elizabeth Boylan, Chad Bishop and Katie Adamides.

the dead and the damned

Featuring David Lockhart, Camille Montgomery

Miami Snow

Featuring Rey Hernandez Bad (Boys II, Miami Vice, Behind Enemy Lines 3) and model Myra Veronica.

demon hunter

Featuring Jenny Allford, Robert Amstler

Mutant Swinger from mars

Featuring Biff Anderson, Dorothy Atabong, Rhonda Belcher, Rolfe D. Bergsman, Alicia Bewernitz and the Brain.


Featuring Kristen Springer and Jay Wesley Cochran.

The Casino Job

Featuring Playboy Playmate Irina Voronina (Balls of Fury, Reno 911) and Jay Anthony Franke (California Dreams)


Numerous Film Festival Awards including: Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Screenplay, Best Debut Film.

Without Warrant

Featuring Andy McPhee
(Wolf Creek,
Sons of Anarchy) and
David Barry.

Nacho Mountain

Featuring comedian Jay Larson (Comedy Central Presents), Kevin Interdonato and Christina Pazcoguin

Caribbean Cartel 3D

Five Interpol agents go undercover in Costa Rica to break up a human trafficking ring (In Development)


Featuring Heather Pikas, Ken Arnold (Abduction) and David Sullivan from (The Astronaut Farmer, Argo)


Featuring Tim Lovelace, Maegan Stewart, Joe Estevez (Death Row), David Baker and Katrina Lim